2012/2013 DISCO Travel Grant Awardees

Molly Bergen (Latina/o Studies minor; Social Work major) was able to travel in February to Salt Lake City, UT to collect data for her honors thesis, focusing on food security and food acquisition habits, and specifically on the relationships between local food system participation, community connections, and acculturation.

Victoria Betancourt (Latina/o Studies GIS; graduate student Arts Administration, Education & Policy) was able to travel to Fort Worth, TX in March to present two papers – “Art as Experience: A Phenomenological Approach to Teaching Art Criticism,” and “Getting Ready for 2050: Developing the Field of Latino Visitor Studies in Art Museums”, (the latter of which was drawn directly from master’s thesis) at the National Art Education Association conference.

Ally Day (Disability Studies GIS; Ph.D. Candidate, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies) was able to plan a trip to Orland, FL in June to facilitate a workshop she coordinated on Feminist Disability Methodology at the Society for Disability Studies conference.

Annabelle Estera (Asian American Studies interest; Graduate Student, Higher Education & Student Affairs program) and Kim McKee (Asian American Studies interest; Ph.D. Candidate, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies) were both able to travel to Las Vegas, NV  for the annual convention of the American College Personnel Association.to lead a workshop they co-organized (with Mitsu Narui) titled “Supporting and cultivating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA)/Asian student critical consciousness through institutional collaboration.”

Megan Molenda LeMay (Sexuality Studies GIS, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English) travelled in March to Pittsburgh, PA to present her work “Spilling Categorical Blood: Race, Sex, and Species in Morrison, Alexie, and Truong,” (a paper drawing from both queer of color reading practices and the emergent field of animality studies) at the annual conference for the Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States.

Danielle Olden (Latina/o Studies GIS; Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History) was able to present a paper entitled "Mexican  American Racial Identity in the Debate Over Equal Educational Opportunity, Denver, Colorado, 1969-1976." in March at the annual conference of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies in San Antonio, TX.

Adrienne Winans (Asian American Studies interest; Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History) was able to travel to Seattle, WA in April, both to perform archival work for her dissertation at University of Washington, the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, and the National Archive Regional Archives research center, and also to present her “Overseas Nationalism: A Construction of China and a Condemnation of Imperialism,” at the annual conference of the Association for Asian American Studies.