Previous Grad-Caucus Sponsored Events

The membership of the DISCO Graduate Caucus has played a leading role in the organization of a number of events, and has collaborated with a wide variety of other on-campus groups, since its formation.


  • Intersectionality Reading Group, with Wendy Smooth (WGSS). April 19, 2011, co-sponsored with DISCO, Humanities Institute DISCO Working Group, and Women's Studies Graduate Assocation.
  • Indigenous Studies Reading Group, in preparation for Society of American Indians Centennial Symposium. October 7, 2011. co-sponsored with American Indian Studies.
  • Open Diversity Pedagogy Forum, November 4, 2011.
  • Precious Knowledge Screening and Discussion, and Academics & Activism: A Forum & Workshops on intersections of curriculum, academia, social engagement & politics, February 23-24, 2012; co-sponsored with DISCO, Humanities Institue DISCO Working Group, and Multicultural Center.
  • Open Diversity Pedagogy Forum, April 6, 2012.
  • Erika Lee, Asian Americas: Transnational and Global Histories of Asian Immigration and the Making of the Americas. May 3, 2012; co-sponsored with Asian American Studies, Dept. of History Race, Ethnicity, and Nation Constellation, Multicultural Center, Division of Arts and Humanities, East Asian Studies Center, and Dept of East Asian Languages and Literatures.
  • Queer Studies Reading Group, in preparation for Queer Places, Practices and Lives: A Symposium in Honor of Samuel Steward, May 11, 2012; co-sponsored with Queer Theory Reading Group.
  • DISCO Grad Caucus Pedagogy Forum - Diversity Training - November 8, 2012.  Facilitated by Dr. Terrell Strayhorn (Assoicate Professor, School of Educational Policy and Leadership), Michael Williams (Ph.D. Student, Higher Education and Student Affairs), and Chris Woods (Masters Student in Higher Education and Student Affairs).  Facilitators led the group in conversation around various techniques and strategies for teaching often contentious subjects to students who have wide-ranging experiences/lack of experiences in talking about race, gender, class, sexuality, ability/disability, religion and other categories of difference.  The group also talked about the meaning of "diversity training" for university faculty, staff and students.