DISCO Graduate Student Caucus

Grad Caucus LogoThe DISCO Grad Caucus works to build and support a community for graduate students to engage with issues of working, teaching and researching within identity and diversity studies.  Membership represents a breadth of departmental and program affiliations from across the University.

Read about the organization, its activities and its leadership (including contact information) below, and find more details in the Constitution and By-Laws.  If you are an OSU Graduate Student and would like to become involved, email a member of the leadership team with your username (name.#) to sign up for the listserve and DISCO Grad Caucus Carmen site.

Mission Statement

To establish and endorse a supportive community for graduate students of The Ohio State to discuss issues related to teaching and researching within identity and diversity studies. To provide service and leadership within the DISCO Working Group and graduate groups that promote diversity and identity studies initiatives within a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary framework.

Events & Activities

The DISCO Grad Caucus sponsors an ongoing series of periodic open-discussion Diversity Pedagogy Brownbag events focusing on engaging with different aspects of the intersections of teaching and diversity, exploring specific issues and problems in the classroom, particularly as they relate to diverse and intersectional identities and histories.  The GradCaucus has also organized several iterations of an Intersectionality Reading Group, in addition to a number of other one-time events.

Starting in the Spring of 2013, the GradCaucus has been sponsoring and hosting a Graduate Research Series, showcasing the current work of affiliated graduate students. Contact Pritha Prasad at prasad.74@osu.edu with questions or if you are a graduate student interested in presenting your work. This will be an ongoing project of the DISCO graduate caucus and we are looking for people who may be interested in presenting in the fall of 2015 or spring of 2016.

The Grad Caucus hosted their first annual DISCO Grad Caucus Symposium, entitled "Divergent Violences" on October 3, 2015. Graduate students from various disciplines at OSU presented on themes of violence and keynote speaker Dr. Anne Jansen was the keynote speaker.


Membership Executive Board

Membership Research Activities

To find out more about graduate student work, see select research profiles.