OSU Rare Books Collections

The following diversity-related rare books collections can be found in the OSU Libraries.  For more information about the contents of each collection, please visit the OSU Libraries home page and do a title search for the collection.

Diversity Collections in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library and the William Charvat Collection of American Literature

  • Alain of Lille. De planctu naturae (The Complaint of Nature). 15th-century manuscript. (Important medieval anti-homosexuality treatise that influenced and informed the conversation about homosexuality from the late-12th-15th centuries. Our copy is a student’s/scholar’s copy, complete with commentary and added notes)
  • William Dunham Barbee Collection (Columbus Civil Rights, 1930’s – 1950’s)
  • Christian Barthelmess photographs (Native Americans in western states, photographed by a soldier in the U.S. Army in the late 19th c.)
  • John W. Bennett Collection (Occupied Japan:  photographs from the viewpoint of an anthropologist)
  • Elisabeth Billig Papers (with an emphasis on the Nuremberg Trials)
  • The Paul-Henri Bourguignon Haiti Photograph Collection, 1947-1948 (Peru Photograph Collection forthcoming)
  • William S. Burroughs Collection (among Charvat’s richest literary archives; virtually all of Burroughs work is suffused with gay themes)
  • Charles and Patricia Buser Collection of Research Materials on Native American Cultures
  • The Donald B. Cooper Collection: Epidemic Disease and Medicine in Brazil and Latin America
  • John Bilheimer Cornell Collection: Japanese agriculture, ecology, social organization, agricultural policy, material culture, land tenure, social relations as affected by geography, outcast society, and Japanese immigrants in Brazil.
  • David and Martha Gordon World War II Letters (Correspondence between an African-American GI and his wife)
  • Joanne Grant Collection (film maker active in the Civil Rights movement; biographer of Ella Baker)
  • Chester Himes Collection
  • Lewis Hine photographs (in southeastern Europe immediately after WWI)
  • William Bradford Huie Collection (Emmett Till; Ruby McCollum; Martin Luther King)
  • Valentine Peers Collection (papers from a Kentucky slave holding family, ca. late 1700’s to the Civil War)
  • James Purdy Collection (Winner of the Bill Whitehead Award, 1991; among the earliest mainstream gay writers)
  • Brett Shingledecker Collection (GLBT)
  • Aaron Siskind’s “Harlem Project” (photographs in Harlem from the 1930s)
  • Stephens Family Travel Letters and Ephemera (a young woman’s travel across USA and Canada [El Paso, Mexico, Seattle, Klondike, Alaska, etc.], Native American meetings)
  • The Toyo Suyemoto (Kawakami) Collection (Japanese American affairs including WWII internment camps)
  • William T. Vollmann Photograph Collection (photographs from Vollmann’s journalist assignments in international trouble spots and book publications, e.g., Poor People; Imperial Valley, etc.)
  • Women’s Studies Ephemera Collection
  • Women’s Suffrage Collection