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DISCO Scholarship Fund (313740)

This fund supports student scholarships for undergrads who are pursuing a minor or relevant major in one of the DISCO interdisciplinary programs. Funds are typically used for tuition and fees, study abroad programs, and conference travel.

DISCO Discretionary Fund (315117)

This fund supports programming presented or co-sponsored by the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU, including but not limited to lectures, colloquia, workshops, conferences, and other events.


Contributing through the OSU GiveTo website will allow you to make a one-time or recurring contribution to the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective through a secure, online connection. If you wish to donate by check or would like to discuss setting up other development, scholarship, or programmatic opportunities for DISCO, please contact our Senior Director of Development, Liz Burns at 614-292-2197 or via e-mail at

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