Picture for adeeko.1

Adeleke Adeeko
Departments of English and African...
614 247-8792
  • Comparative Black Literatures

Picture for alexander.282

Leslie Alexander
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 688-4110
  • African American and African...
  • Black Nationalism
  • Culture and Resistance

Picture for morris.390

Christine Ballengee-Morris
Professor, Department of Arts...
614 292-1230
  • Cultural Colonialism
  • Social, Political and Cultural...
  • Critical Cultural Pedagogy and...

Picture for barchiesi.1

Franco Barchiesi
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 292-0498
  • South African Labor Movements
  • Work and Citizenship in Post-...
  • Wage Labor and State Information...

Picture for benson.150

Krista Benson
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Women...
  • Experiences of Sexual Minorities
  • Visual Signification of the...
  • Queer Readings of Popular Culture

Picture for blackburn.99

Mollie Blackburn
Associate Professor, College of...
614 247-7310
  • Adolescent Literacy
  • Reading and Writing for Social...
  • Combating Heterosexism and...

Picture for branfman.1

Jonathan Branfman
Ph.D. Student, Department of Women...

Picture for burack.1

Cynthia Burack
Professor, Department of Women's...
614 292-2210
  • Identity
  • Ideology
  • Group Cultures

Picture for bystydzienski.1

Jill Bystydzienski
Professor, Department of Women's...
614 292-1021
  • Women and Gender in Science,...
  • Feminist Movements in Eastern...
  • Gender and Globalization

Picture for chen.982

Jian Chen
Program Director, Sexuality Studies;...
614 292-6065
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • 20th and 21st Century Print, Image...
  • Asian American and Asian Diasporas...

Picture for cormier.5

J. Briggs Cormier
External Relations Coordinator,...
614 292-8241
  • Adant garde theatre
  • Directing
  • Drag performance

Picture for delgadillo.3

Theresa Delgadillo
Program Director, Latina/o Studies;...
614 688-0121
  • Latina/-o and Indo/Afro/Latin...
  • Latinas/-os in the Midwest
  • Religion/Spirituality

Picture for drake.194

Simone Drake
Assistant Professor, Department of...
614 292-8079
  • Critical Race and Gender Studies
  • Black Feminist Theory
  • Transnational Feminism

Picture for enciso.4

Patricia Enciso
Associate Professor, School of...
614 668-4288
  • Reading/Learning Cross-Culturally...
  • Multicultural and Latino/a...
  • Sociocultural and Critical...

Picture for ettlinger.1

Nancy Ettlinger
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 292-2573
  • Critical Theory and Social Justice
  • Governance and Ethics
  • Epistemology

Picture for fergus.24

Devin Fergus
Associate Professor, Department of...
  • Political Economy
  • Racial Inequality
  • Consumer Finance Policy

Picture for flores.154

Nicholas "Nic" Flores
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching...
  • Cultural Studies
  • Ethnic and American Studies
  • Science and Technology Studies

Picture for freeman.346

Brad Freeman
Ph.D Candidate, Department of English
614 292-6065

Picture for gardner.236

Jared Gardner
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 292-0647
  • Historical Popular Culture
  • Race and National Identity
  • Media, Power, and Identity

Picture for graff.40

Harvey Graff
Ohio Eminant Scholar in Literacy...
614 292-5838
  • Historical and Contemporary...
  • Modern North American and Western...
  • United States and Canadian History

Picture for guy.60

Donna Guy
Professor, Department of History
614 292-2674
  • Women's History
  • History of Sexuality
  • Latin American History

Picture for jani.4

Pranav Jani
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 292-6965
  • Postcolonial Theory and Literature...
  • Postcolonial Women's Writing
  • Marxism, Nationalism, and...

Picture for johnston.712

Marc Johnston
Assistant Professor, Department of...
614 668-1428

Picture for jones.2376

Norman Jones
Associate Professor, Department of...
419 755-4028
  • Sexual Studies
  • Multiethnic 20th and 21st Century...
  • Religious Studies

Picture for keating.60

Christine (Cricket) Keating
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 688-3827
  • Feminist Political Theory
  • Democratic Theory
  • Postcolonial Theory

Picture for kunimoto.3

Namiko Kunimoto
Program Director, Asian American...
614 688-8193

Picture for latorre.13

Guisela Latorre
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 247-7720

Picture for leavitt.39

Joshua Leavitt
PhD Candidate
  • American Literature to 1900
  • African-American Literature
  • Popular Culture

Picture for lemay.15

Meg LeMay
Senior Lecturer
614 292-6065
  • 20th and 21st Century American...
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies;...
  • Feminist Science and Environmental...

Picture for love.45

Randi Love
Clinical Associate Professor, College...
614 292-4647
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Community Development

Picture for low.89

John N. Low
Associate Professor, Department of...
740 755-7857
  • American Indian Studies, local and...
  • Museum Studies, Material Culture,...
  • Federal Indian law and treaty...

Picture for martinez.475

Miranda Martinez
Associate Professor, Department of...
  • Latino and Puerto Rican Studies
  • Urban Studies

Picture for mitchell.717

Koritha Mitchell
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 292-6065
  • African American Literature
  • Racial Violence in American...
  • Performance Theory

Picture for mizejewski.1

Linda Mizejewski
Professor, Department of Women's...
614 292-2467
  • Film
  • Popular Culture
  • Literature

Picture for murphy.474

Brian Michael Murphy
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of...
614 292-5365

Picture for ponce.8

Joe Ponce
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 688-0513
  • Ethnic and Queer Studies
  • Diaspora, Nationalism, and...
  • U.S. Imperialism and Migration

Picture for price.1225

Margaret Price
Program Director, Disability Studies;...
  • Rhetoric, Composition &...
  • Disability Studies

Picture for rivers.91

Daniel Rivers
Program Director, American Indian...
614 292-8301

Picture for shank.46

Barry Shank
Professor and Chair, Department of...
614 292-2559
  • American Studies
  • U.S. Ethnic and Racial Studies
  • U.S. Cultural History

Picture for shuman.1

Amy Shuman
Director, DISCO; Professor, Department...
614 292-6065
  • Disability Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Folklore

Picture for smooth.1

Wendy Smooth
Associate Professor, Department of...
  • Race and Gender
  • American Politics, Public Policy,...
  • Gender and Public Policy

Picture for stevens.368

Maurice Stevens
Associate Professor, Department of...
614 292-1384
  • Film and Literature as Narrative...
  • Catastrophe Narrative
  • Critical Psychoanalysis

Picture for van-beurden.1

Sarah Van Beurden
Assistant Professor, Department of...
614 292-9298
  • Colonial and Postcolonial Studies
  • Transnational History
  • Afrian History - History of the...

Picture for winans.13

Adrienne Winans
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History
  • Modern U.S. History
  • Women's and Gender History
  • World History

Image of Leslie Wingard

Leslie Wingard
Visiting Scholar, Diversity and...
  • African American Literature
  • Religious Studies
  • Women's and Gender Studies

Picture for winnubst.1

Shannon Winnubst
Associate Professor and Chair,...
614 292-3915
  • Queer Theory
  • Queer of Color Critique
  • 20th Century French Theory (...